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The Eddy Hotel Tucson, Tapestry Collection by Hilton, Tucson, AZ

A month after my sister and the kids had passed away I was asked to create a unique piece for a wedding backdrop. I chose a woven mirror, something that could be cherished and used in the home forever after, you can view it here. Since then the photos have been shared all over Pinterest, have been shared by @tishcyrus (so thankful) and many more.

A month after we lost our daughter Marigold the Eddy Hotel in Tucson commissioned me to create another one for their lobby. I finally received some photos of it in this beautiful space in Tucson, AZ…

My first piece of publicly displayed art.

I will forever cherish this memory especially to what it is attached to. Marigold was in my belly when we backpacked all over Arizona. And it feels like a little piece of her memory is now being honored in the last place that she and I shared together. It’s been a rough few weeks here but seeing this made my day.

They of course just asked me to create a piece of unique art but to me I created so much more.


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