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HII, IT'S Bridget!

the artist behind Blended.


I am a New Orleans-raised,

Mississippi Living, mom of tHREEDesigner, ILLUSTRATOR 

and Art Director.

I work with people and brands

who aim to inspire.


This has always been
(and always will be)
less about me,  more about you,
and the things we create together.  


Success! Message received.

Learn more about me!

An Enneagram 5w4, INFJ (Advocate), & Gemini — I have a love of deep questions and a keen connection to my intuition. I hope to never stop learning new things, finding new ways, photographing the unordinary and sharing it all.


Traveling the world with my family.

Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 1.45.57 PM.png

A mom, an artist, always learning.


Taking Photos & Documenting it all.

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