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Dreamy Hand Woven Rattan Mirror - Wedding Decor

Things that make me happy and bring me joy are when people come to me to create something unique for their homes, for their bedrooms, for their nurseries but I especially get extra delighted when I get to create a unique piece used for a wedding that can easily transition from wedding to home. Creating a one of a kind piece that will be treasured forever and a daily remembrance from one of the most magical days of you and your partners life.

I was sent a gorgeous color scheme including golds, mustards, dark maroons, dark oranges, rust, just really seedy delicious colors to work with and really no limitations. I have a couple of these extra rattan mirrors I picked up from Target with the intent to weave on them. I knew when this couple contacted me this mirror was exactly what I had envisioned for them to transition from wedding to home easily.

If you are interested in a custom woven mirror for yourself you can purchase a custom one here, from my Etsy shop, Blended by Bridget. It can include all the colors in your wedding, the best part of weaving are the endless opportunities when it comes to colors and textures.

After receiving color inspirations I start sketching out ideas on what I want, it is helpful to know where it will be hung or what it will be used for. This particular piece I made was made to go behind the bride and groom table. So in addition to the mirror I created some smaller woven pieces to place around the mirror to create almost a full installment art piece. When I brought the piece to the venue everyone was so excited to see it. It felt like my installation piece just completed the whole vibe of this wedding.

Here is a photo mid weave through. I used the mostly roving and some cotton ropes to create the fringe on the left and through the weaving itself. You can see that I used the lines in the mirror as the "warp" so it was easy to weave around. With my brothers help I was able to create and see all the pieces I made all together. He was in town for the month so I brought all my materials from the studio to work in the house so I could hang out with him and also make at the same time. All apart of the process when it comes to creating a unique collection is moving things around, cutting or adding fringe, etc. It was nice to have hands move while I stood back and got a chance to see the whole thing come together.

I thoroughly think my brother also enjoyed helping and adding his own thoughts which was really nice to work together and get his creative point of view!

All the photos from the wedding were taken by the incredible April and Paul wedding photographers based in Hattiesburg, MS but they do travel ALL OVER THE WORLD. Anytime I hear they are shooting a wedding that involves one of my pieces it brings me so much joy. Their aesthetic is so close to mine and I adore them so much! Here is a collection of some of the photos from the wedding to show you how much everything came together with flowers, the cake and my installation!

Can you see the vision from the copper ring around the cake to the colors to the circle mirror and all the colors they envisioned. I mean what a dreammmmmmmm! I got a preview from all the photos of this wedding and I just was completely blown away from everything April and Paul produced to the Venue which was The Venue in Hattiesburg to the florist and all the tiny touches in between. I feel humbled to be apart of someones big day even in the smallest of ways. I love that my piece transitions so well to the home as well.

Here is it above the bed or in the foyer of the home!


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