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Sometimes in life you have these ideas and then you create something! Working with mirrors is by far one of my favorite things, you can view the first woven mirror I created for a special wedding here. That one mirror has blown up on Pinterest and on instagram. It was just an idea I had and since then, I have been tagged in so many amazing other shops posts because I inspired them to also create on some mirrors.

I found these two wicker mirrors and knew I needed to create something fun and unique with them. So when a friend of mine asked for some art pieces to be apart of an auction to raise money for a local school here in Hattiesburg I knew I could really get creative with them and have some fun!

Knowing they were going to be used as a donation I wanted to take my creative vision even further with them and create a styled shoot around the mirrors themselves. As always I enlisted my friend Jessica of Blackbird Creative and we talked and discussed and she took my art direction and ideas and ran with it and brought so many of her own. It was truly magical.

Mirrors are hard to photograph in and around just because you're not only dealing with what's behind them but also what is in front of them, that reflection man.

Jessica always takes me up on my ideas when I come to her with something, I feel like whenever she gets a text from me she probably has to take a deep breath before opening it because she never will know what it is but somehow she is always down to do it. I don't know how I got so fortunate in the photographer friend world but somehow I have.

So with no budget, both of us with two kids, I went and foraged flowers from the side of the road, yes from the freaking Highway you guys. If you're in Hattiesburg my two favorite places to forage wildflowers is by the Farmers market/Family Dollar on Lincoln Road and on the Service Road off Hwy 49 next to the house with the pond. So maybe you saw me in one of those places scissors in hand chopping some flowers down?

With all the kids running around playing and picking the flowers off of their stems we got to create this magic with the mirrors I hand wove, in Blackbirds new Boudoir studio! This studio is total dream in Ellisville, MS in one of the oldest buildings in town. Olive bead board from top to bottom, beautiful white trim, large open windows of light, built in bookshelves a clawfoot tub with handprinted wisteria on the side. Truly a place where history and magic come together.

So from creation of each piece to art directing a photoshoot I hope you can see the creative vision I had and how Jessica truly brought out the best of it.

Foraged Flowers from side of road.

Dress is from Target.

Mirrors handwoven by Blended.


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