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The Light Much Needed

Have you ever looked up the color chartreuse? You truly get back some wildly bright varying shades of neon glowing yellow. I got a fiber pack a couple years ago with this really kind of odd color and knew I had to create something magical with it.

It isn't the easiest color to find in the fiber world so every time I found something I scooped it up completely!

As you can see in the top photo the different yarns and roving exceed $100 in materials. That's what makes this piece so important. I wanted to share the supplies I used with you because it’s so important to me to share other artists work. All of these are hand dyed, hand spun or both! I’ve been collecting this onion dyed chartreuse color for a while to work with and found it from so many wonderful places, you can view the tagged artists here.

So the biggest thing I wanted to share was the cost of each skein. Which is a big deal when you work with high quality supplies, making the end product cost so much. I know cost is the biggest thing when makers sell things and the words:

“I can make that for half the price”

and you probably could but the quality of the yarn won’t be as good and it doesn’t support all the other artists and makers that put their time and energy into creating unique wools and yarns to work with. On top of which the time it takes to scout the most perfect supplies to use and then of course all the time it takes to weave the actual piece and the years of experience.

September is a weird month for me, we lost half my family in it and three of their birthdays are in this month and then Birdie was this beautiful light in all of the September darkness. It’s one of those things, like Luke’s dark day I felt like September was my dark month. But now I have this huge reason to keep going forward.

I found all the supplies I wanted to use including the silk dyed pieces from a shop off Etsy called The Occasional Purl. It couldn’t have come at a better time because I put all that dark energy into this piece and created something full of light.

So I’m thankful for all of these creators and makers for allowing me to push through and make something I truly love and put so much love into making. I cannot wait to show you the final piece. It’s full of life!! Which is what September will mean to me from here on out. Celebrating the lives taken from me and celebrating the life I helped create and bring into this world.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, you can do so in my Etsy shop, here.


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