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Smashed & Loaded - Laurel,MS

Smashed & Loaded is a southern cuisine lover's dream, a fully gluten free food truck selling loaded potatoes and salads... and I mean LOADED.

Sisters Melanie and McKenzie who work as full time nurses always had the dream to open their own food truck. They came to me with their vision of gourmet baked potatoes and salads but it all being gluten free! So all the delicious southern flavors without all the extra unnecessary calories.

They saw my work I had previously done with Barry's Burgers and The Knight Butcher and loved my playful illustrations. They came up with the idea of calling it Smashed and Loaded and wanted a potato lady in a crown as their spokesperson/logo. They call McKenzie queenie, so the crown was a must.

I've never worked with characters before so it was such a fun idea I had to go for it. Usually when things are out of my comfort zone I tend to send them to someone else but I knew I wanted to try something funky and new and put my own spin on a retro idea.

Their husbands work with them so they did not want it overly feminine, something they would all enjoy wearing and representing.

So here you have Smashed and Loaded and the Queenie herself, who also has a potato named after her!

If you're in the area, be sure to follow them on Facebook!


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