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Branding with The Knight Butcher

We went through the whole process of opening a business from scratch. Working with Chad and Terri Knight was such a breeze, talk about dream clients! They're both from MS but had been living in Seattle the last 3 years. They just decided to go up move and live there because, why not?

They experienced so much, travelled, explored and saved money to open their own Butcher shop, which is what Chad went to school for. They really are the all American family! They chose downtown Laurel and its the cutest place around here.

Their last name is Knight, and they loved the idea of using an actual Knight as the logo but holding a cleaver. I for one was down for the challenge! They knew they wanted it to be fun and young and modern, have a hand drawn style that meets Dexter the TV show. Kind of eerie just a tad bit of fun. So I got to sketching. They instantly loved my idea and we dove in.

Logo, Business Suite, They found the exact location on the shop and closed, Shop Signs, Stickers, Stamps, Shirts, Magnets, Hats, Etc. They had everything they needed to get the store going. I got to create the best Cow and Pig Cut Illustrations, I mean come on!

After they got the store opened they started expanding products, Jerky and Fudge so we branded those and made labels and all the left over bones he uses they made Knight Bones for dogs, branded and labels. We made clever signs and slogans for tshirts. Over the next month we had so much fun making their life long dream come together.


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