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Barry's Burgers Branding - Laurel, MS

Amy and Barry Beard have been apart of the Laurel community for years, serving up Barry's famous burger the last few decades at the infamous Phillip's Drive-in. The Phillips family left the franchise in the 1960s and eventually partnered with the Beard family. But that famous Barry burger needed a home of its own, which is how Barry's Burgers was born.

Amy came to me after seeing The Knight Butcher brand, another Laurel MS staple, wanting a really fun, eclectic unique brand. She said she tried her hand at creating something herself in Canva but could never get what felt right and wanted to reach out. From then on it was a match made in heaven, Amy was so great to work with. She described her and Barry's aesthetic, their family, the work load and everything that brings them joy and I squeezed that all into their new baby, Barry's Burgers.

Their menu really is all about burger, but they do offer a few sandwiches, hot dogs, and a handful of good sides... but it's that Barry's Burger that was the start of it all. So with that Amy and I worked for months from planning the colors of the building to match that to the brand, down to the smallest details of cups and shirts and everything else. They knew that wanted something funky and quirky, they had their vision and I was adamant about bringing it to life!

Barry's Burgers is home owned and operated by the Beard family, always fresh, made-to-order burgers!! The food is great but it's the family friendly environment that really stands out. Can't wait to bring friends and see this brand come to life over the years, adding to the staples of Laurel, MS yet again!

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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