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Salt Lake City and Alta, UT

We decided to take a little trip to visit my cousins who live and work in Alta, UT. Not a far drive from Salt Lake City! As soon as we flew in my cousins that really are more like Aunts and Uncles came to pick us up! We spent the day together eating and talking and driving around between Alta and Snowbird kind of getting to know the layout of the area. You could tell just how exhausted we were in this photo:

We got up early the next morning and headed off to Alta Coffee which just so happens to be where my cousin Ginny slings coffee and is just the cutest barista I have ever seen. We then spent the day at Snowbird, playing in the snow, heading up the mountain on the AerialTram, playing around the resort and then back down at the Cliff Inn. Later that evening we got to go to the Alta Chili Cook off that my Aunt was competing in. It was the Goldminers Daughter bar and restaurant and such a great place with so much character. Kett made some of the cutest friends there. Everyone practically took us in as if they had known us for years it was so funny.

We ended up going back and getting to bed pretty early to wake up and hike Lisa Falls with my Uncle Dave and Cousin Ginny. We then went snow shoeing through the Alta Summer and Winter Trails. My Aunt and Uncle picked us up and we drove through and stopped at the Olympic Park in Utah and then headed into Park City for Dinner at Wasatch Brewery and just down the street I got to see my first ever Bansky piece in real life.

We then drove around Salt Lake getting a quick tour of the city and stopped by the beautiful Temple to see the piano and area.

The next morning we packed our skis up, or our cousins skis and equipment that we borrowed and headed off to Brighton Ski Resort to do some beginner skiing where we were seriously shown up by all the little kids. It was pretty hilarious and we fell so many times. It was by far one of the most exhausting experiences I have ever encountered and I was terrified of breaking something practically the whole time.

I definitely foresee us going and visiting them once a year or every other year so hopefully we get better or at least less afraid. After hitting the slopes we got some drinks at Molly Greens Bar where we ran into one of my Uncles friends who just so happened was ahead of security for the Resort. Which then he got us into one of the Snow Cats and had them drive us to the top of the mountain which by far was one of the best experiences of this little trip.

We are so fortunate to have such a great little group of family members. We may not have a large family but we have a very good group of them and I am fortunate that we had this experience.


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