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Indianapolis, Indiana

We told everyone we were going to Indianapolis to tag along on a work trip with Frank and everyone was like, who, where, why? But any time I get to spend time away from the norm with family I am all for it. If you don't know by now I am a big time scheduler when it comes to trips and this one was no different. Traveling in Covid times, you have to have a reservation for practically everything now and well, with two tiny children in tow in a city extremely far from home that can be pretty tricky. I think we made the best of it.

The flights there weren't bad at all, Birdie did great on her first flights! Kett watched out of the window, watched in flight movies, ate snacks... we had a great first time flying with two! We rented a vehicle and got to our first hotel which was so lovely and roomy and spacious a great place to have kids! We took naps and then decided to walk over to the baseball game happening in downtown that night which really I think was one our best experiences together. We sat in our seats for a bit of time but decided going to the back area where Kett could run and have fun would be best and it was. We laid down our jacket and Birdie just played and laughed and we had a good time. I tried my first wine slushy it was delicious!

The next morning we woke up and went exploring around the canals downtown right across from the hotel before catching breakfast at Love Handle, where I ordered the largest Michelada and the first time ever trying it. The food was incredible, the atmosphere was great for kids, I highly recommend! Then we packed up and headed south to the Marengo Caves where we explored and hiked through both trails underground. Kett did great and we had Birdie in a carrier! There is no restaurants around here so definitely plan on bringing food, we tried stopping at a pizza place and just don't, don't do it.

Happy Father's Day! What a morning to get to wake up to both kids wanting to play and in the most comfy largest bed ever! After all the morning snuggles we had to check out to move to the hotel Frank had for work. Before check in we decided to pick up food from 3 Sister's Cafe, which was beyond delicious. Then headed out to Conner Prairie for the day of fun and activities! What a great place to bring kids, we picked up food there and stayed throughout the day, it was incredibly hot but we persevered.

On the way back into town we decided to pick dinner up from Shapiro's Deli before checking into the next Hotel. This one wasn't as kid friendly but it was the one we had to use for his work. The view of the city though made it all worth it. The kids very much enjoyed watching the hustle and bustle of the streets.

The next morning we woke up and got dressed and headed to Yolk City for breakfast, great for families! We then walked over to Monumental Circle and walked around downtown, checked out the City Market which didn't have much going on but the interior architecture was beautiful to look at. We walked over to the Rhythm Discovery Museum where Kett and Frank really enjoyed some Father, Son jam sessions and went back to the hotel for a cat nap and freshening up before heading to dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory, which usually we try to stay away from chain restaurants but this one didn't feel like it, the building was gorgeous and Kett loved the trolley you could eat inside of. After dinner we parked at Lucas Stadium and just walked around it for a bit while Frank spit out a lot of facts about it. The kids were all worked up and awake so we walked the Canals at night which truly was so beautiful and well lit. We did not feel uncomfortable at all until Kett finally got tired and wanted to be carried back haha.

My favorite photo from the trip!

Frank had to go to his conference today so I took the kids to the children's museum for the day where we explored and had a lot of fun inside and outside all day. I only lost Kett once haha, I laugh now but it was pretty terrifying for those few minutes. After the children's museum we went back to the hotel to freshen up and then headed off to do some duckpin bowling which I highly recommend! It was really the best time, especially with Kett. We walked over to La margarita for dinner where a much needed and very delicious Margarita was had, maybe even two! The Fountain Square area was really such a beautiful place to walk around in general which is what we did after dinner.

Another conference day so I took the kids to the Indianapolis Zoo, for both the Children's Museum and the Zoo I had to make reservations but neither felt like there was any distancing or serious concerns about Covid. We had a great time and learned the hard way to get the wristbands for all access to the sky tram and the train and every other amenity they had. But once we got them things were easier and we were able to enjoy everything.

We went back to the hotel for naps and waited on Frank to get done with work and then headed out to the White Rivers Garden area, took some photos with Allison and then got some dinner at Livery, which came highly recommended on places to eat but let me repeat, not kid friendly, it was definitely not kid friendly at all! They were beyond accommodating to us and even fixed Kett a special meal which they did not have to, he is not a picky eater really. But I will say the food was beyond amazing... It felt like I was eating food I have only seen on television it was so beautiful and insanely delicious. Birdie fell asleep pretty much right when we got there so she just stayed snug in my arms the whole time, which was kind of a blessing in disguise.

Frank had half a day at work this day so the kids and I slept in and played in the hotel room all morning, I had plans to go and do but really I think we all needed the rest and down time. They enjoyed the city watching and I enjoyed snuggling them up. When Frank got off work we all got ready and headed out to Newsfield, the modern museum of art in Indy and it was beyond amazing! I always get nervous bringing them to art museums but they did really well walking around. Frank mostly took Kett and I was able to enjoy the art more while I strolled around with Birdie.

They have the most beautiful outdoor sculptures and gardens and included in our pass was a tour of the Lilly house where we walked some trails and had a great outdoor picnic with a cheese board and some snacks.

We then drove over to the Virginia Fairbanks Art and Nature Park where we got to see some really fun modern sculptures and play all over them, it rained as soon as we got there but that didn't stop us from getting out and having a good time on all of them. Funky Bones was definitely Kett's top attraction! We ended the day at Bakersfield Tacos for dinner, which definitely was more a younger hip environment that I think we would have thrived in before kids but we were there to eat and if you've ever brought kids to dinner, you know, you know.

On our last day in Indy we packed our bags, checked out and headed over to Milktooth for breakfast. This was by far one of the best places we ate, super kid friendly, great environment, the bathrooms were fun! The whole experience was just so amazing. Their coffee was some of the best I have ever had.

On the way to the airport we decided to stop by the Indy500 Speedway and Museum where we walked around and looked at all the cars. They got to climb into a few and Kett really enjoyed that. Then we picked up lunch at Mug N Bun before heading back to the airport and dropping the car off.

The trip was 100% worth the stress and the planning and the reservations and the mask wearing and everything else that we persevered through during high covid times and traveling for the first time with both of them. Birdie did so great on the flight home. I would say the trip was beyond successful. One of the best things I did was find a local photographer and set up an hour long photoshoot with her to take pictures of us with the kids. Rarely do I get to take pictures with them because I am always behind the camera and even more rare we get pictures as a family! So I reached out to Allison and she had such great places to snap some photos!

I hope we get to travel more in the next couple years when travel restrictions aren't as bad. We have so many plans to take these little ones places and to see as much as possible! I'm determined to drag them all over the world.

Safe Travels!


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