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Staying Gnome for the Holidays

This year has been a tough year, I ultimately thought 2019 was pretty awful but 2020 hasn't been a very good follow-up to it. I don't know how this whole year I got pregnant and had a baby and stayed home for 100% of it. What a weird year, a year where I haven't really seen anyone or gone anywhere and now I have a baby. Although I will say having a baby this year was pretty incredible and ideally she omits the rest of the memories we have associated with 2020. I'm sure for the rest of her life she will hear the words "oh 2020 what a year!"

As many people know 2019 was a rough year, we didn't get family photos in just because it was a strange time for our family. This year though, with our new little addition, Miss Birdie Mae, I knew we had to create something pretty epic to commemorate her joining the family! So as a follow up from our Harry Potter themed Christmas photos of 2018, I wanted to do something extra fun again.

So here is my take on Staying Gnome for the Holidays, I have always loved gnomes, my garden is full of them and my Christmas decor is as well. I came to Jessica of Blackbird Creative with the idea and of course she takes my insane ideas and makes magic with them! Truly a blessing to have her as my friend, she is always willing to help me create magic in the weirdest of ways!

Our pajamas this year came from Hanna Andersson and of course are a pattern full of gnomes. I love a good family pajama!

Mugs from Kelsey DeLange. Gnomes from everywhere and anywhere.

Marshmallows to entertain a toddler!


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