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Little Rock, Arkansas

Driving into Little Rock was a breeze, we got checked into our hotel and went out to eat sushi at Kemuri, we had our first real sushi date since Kett was born and he got to be there with us! He did really well for having to hang out in a chair for almost 2 hours. He mostly wanted to play with the chopsticks.

Our hotel didn’t have a refrigerator which I thought was the craziest thing, apparently its pretty common, but I have never stayed in a hotel that didn't have one. They sent one up so I could store milk thankfully!!

The next morning we went to Mugs Café, ate the breakfast tacos, got all the coffee with a side of avocado for Kett and went on the the capital building. We realized quickly that Mondays in Little Rock, not much is open. All the places we had imagined going were closed! So be prepared Little Rock hates Mondays.

After walking around the capital building we went to the Clinton Presidential Center

Museum and to eat at the Flying Fish, we were able to get a side of grilled veggies for Kett. Its been really fun incorporating solid foods into his diet. I love the baby wed leaning method of pretty much letting them eat whatever they want.

After the museum we went to the hotel caught a nap and got ready for his work conference meeting. We had the only baby there but it was still fun, we went on the balcony to get away from the crowds, the sun was setting so it was quite perfect.

Frank had to work on Tuesday so it was just Kett and me! We got dressed got coffee and headed out to explore Little Rock together. Little Rock reminds me a smaller less touristy New Orleans. It had so much character. We drove around looking at all the old houses, built 100-150 years ago. We went to the Bernice Gardens, a cute little corner sculpture garden on South Main then to the Esse Purse Museum. I think the Purse museum was cute, a bit expensive for the collection they had I think but really cute. If you’re interested in going I have one half off ticket I would be glad to send to anyone!

We then headed back to the hotel to nap until Frank got off work. Then we went to eat dinner at South on Main. By far one of the coolest places we ate. It had a great relaxed atmosphere, the chef came out to thank everyone for eating there. The food was beyond delicious! We had some mixed drinks from the special mixologist. It was really quite delightful.

The next day I had a bunch of work to catch up on so we went to get coffee downstairs in the hotel, came up and got to work. Sometimes freelancing can be a bit daunting knowing you really never get a day off. It was good to relax and not bring Kett everywhere, I think he needed the break. That night, Frank had a work event at the Museum of Discovery so we were able to go while the whole place was shut down to the public. Lots of fun sciency things and an open bar, what parents couldn’t be thrilled! We had a lot of fun playing around and discovering everything. Even at 6 months old Kett was so interested in all the colors and fun.

After the event we ended up walking around and stumbling on a park full of people, they had Sixteen Candles playing on the big screen. We watched it for a little while and then walked down the Big Dam Bridge.

Thursday Frank got off a half day and we had wanted to get food at The Root Café, I think we were both too hungry because we ordered everything off the menu it felt like. Everything was quite delicious! We then went off to the Maritime Museum, toured the WWII submarine and went back to the hotel for a little nap before meeting up with Lexi, a local photographer helping me with a photoshoot I had lined up with JCPenneys. After the shoot we went to get ice cream at Loblolly Creamery, and picked up some Pizza and a Growler from Vino’s Pizza. Which literally was so dang delicious. We took it back to the hotel.

It was unbelievably hot in Little Rock, hitting temps in the 100-105 F degree range. So we weren’t able to just walk around as much as we wanted to. It was our last day there as his work kind of called him back.

So we woke up early the next day, walked to HU Lee Int Gate and Garden then got breakfast across the street at One Eleven at the Capital, which was the most gorgeous downtown hotel I’ve ever seen. We walked around for a bit. Before lunch we decided to ride the Trolley around, which was a really great fun little tour for a $1.

On the way out we had to stopped to get food at Star of India and drove by Little Rock Central High, which was really just the most impressive high school I have ever seen. The history and the building itself were truly spectacular.

I had planned on seeing and doing a little bit more than we did but with both of us working and a 6 month old attached to me I think we got a lot done! Little Rock thanks for having us I definitely want to come back!

We ended up having to drive from Little Rock to Hattiesburg in the middle of the night, thankfully Kett slept the whole way! Phew!


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