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Kett Turns Two!

Kett turned two today and I can't believe it has been two years since he came into our lives. He has been our strength since day one. He changed our lives completely and I could never imagine a day without him now. It's so funny when parents are asked what they did before kids and they answer 'I can't remember' because it is so true. Two years feels like nothing but it also feels like a lifetime.

At age two, Kett loves:

  • Books: He cannot get enough, sometimes so much that I have to hide his favorites because we will read them 10-15 times a day.

  • Butt Smacking: He thinks its hilarious to go around and smack a butt, even Ledgers!

  • Trains: In which he calls them tooo tooo's, and every time he hears a train horn which is often around here he does this adorable high pitch ohhhhh and makes a circle with his mouth like its the best sound on the planet.

  • Climbing: If it can be climbed, he will climb it.

He is a bit behind in his speech, we have been doing speech therapy for about 2 months now, once a week. Currently the words he knows how to say completely are Dada, Please, Mama, Truck and Ball in order of how he learned them. Although he knows a lot more words in sign language!

Last year we celebrated his first birthday the weekend after Thanksgiving since all our family was in town for the week so we did the same this year. It was a really fun low key day, with just family and a close friend with her two kids. We got the little jumpy house out and let the boys just play.

Kett has been overly obsessed with trains the last couple of months so I wanted to have a train themed party and my husband really wanted a taco bar, so I combined Kett's two favorite things together and created a Taco Train Party! I know sounds so ridiculous but it was so much fun.

I designed and illustrated his little invites to correlate with the out of the box theme and created a cake topper to match!

I love you sweet boy, I am so very very lucky to have you and raise you and be your mom! I am still in shock you are two!




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