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Fun DIY Advent Calendar

I picked up this cute OYOY Santa Advent Calendar and knew I wanted to create something fun unique and festive with it when it came to not your normal Advent calendar things!

Of course I got out my iPad made a list of everything we were going to be doing the month of November and made a little illustrated card to go along with it. You can see a close up on illustration instagram @loopandblend

Here is my final advent piece in all its glory! I used all kinds of different reusable materials! I went thrifting and got tons of cute fabrics from old pillowcases napkins and scarves to use! If you want to see more detail shots see the bottom of this post, including the list of all our activities so you can see how I plan things accordingly!

Small details, if its an activity or experience we are going to do that day I just wrote it on the back of a tag and combined it with an ornament we already owned or a little trinket to liven it up for him. Then I just tie it on!

We always do an advent calendar book on the first and our holiday PJs on the second so we can enjoy them all month long!

Our Advent Calendar list:

  1. Advent Calendar Book

  2. Christmas PJs

  3. Wood Toy Firetruck

  4. Happy Birthday Kett!!! Make Cookies - Cookie Cutters

  5. Lacing Wood Toy

  6. Story Time at Oak Grove Library 1030am

  7. Hattiesburg Christmas Parade 6pm Christmas Lighting at 725pm

  8. New Orleans Celebration in the Oaks?

  9. Petal Christmas Parade 4PM

  10. Digger Book

  11. Sucker - Pictures with Santa

  12. Pet Night at Turtle Creek Mall

  13. Santa Bubble Bath

  14. Watch the Polar Express Movie with Pizza

  15. Polar Express New Orleans 4:30pm

  16. Train Book - Painting little Wood Toys

  17. Harmonica

  18. Jeremiahs 4th Birthday 11am

  19. Reindeer Bath Bomb

  20. Blue Truck Christmas Book

  21. Lacing Wood Toy - Make Paper Chains Fun

  22. Gingerbread House Making

  23. Candy Cane Bubble Bath - Make Gift for MailMan

  24. Art Market at Hippo 6pm

  25. Lights in the Wild - Hattiesburg Zoo 6pm $15 - Ticket/Animal

  26. Lewis Lights 5:30pm

  27. Paint cards for Family

  28. Make Snow Kit

  29. Santa Book - Make Cinnamon Roll


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