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Harry Potter Christmas

I had this crazy idea in my mind when I saw these family pajamas at Target and I knew exactly who to contact to go along with me. Jessica and Ryan of Blackbird Creative have always worked with my crazy ideas and I have worked with hers! She will come to me with different ideas and I with her and neither of us have ever shed away from any challenges we create for ourselves!

I grew up on Harry Potter, went with my brother to midnight releases for the books. I've watched each movie well over 100 times and pretty much Harry Potter weekend is on repeat every weekend around here.

I nannied kids who were obsessed with the books and I was so lucky to introduce them also to the movies as well. So to say the least I've grown up with Harry Ron and Hermione. I've learned so much from those three and all the characters actually.

I knew we had to have these family pajamas instantly and had the idea to do our family christmas photos in them! Jessica and Ryan did not disappoint when bringing their vision and mine together! With all the Butter Beer included!

I couldn't narrow down the choices anymore than I did here, so be prepared for a lengthy post! We did use a Harry Potter pop up book!

Hope you love HP as much as we do little Kett! I can't wait to introduce him to the books when he is older!


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