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Spooky Halloween Wedding Shoot

Reminiscing on this gorgeous styled shoot we did with April and Paul, Suzanne Carey Photography and Maiden Hair Floral. Featured in Rock n Roll Bride. It was set in an abandoned warehouse ini downtown Hattiesburg. Ardor Rental supplied most of the set up.

For the first half it was just a gorgeous dark gothic style wedding. Table set up with candles, dark red wine, skulls and gold everything accents. A hanging black feather backdrop.

A sweet friends black cat made her appearance, sitting in my lap, pretty much scared out of her mind. Just the sweetest yellow eyed beauty... although I am pretty sure she peed on me. We then got our faces painted and moved outside for the cake and wine set up.

This is really where I fall in love with this whole set up. I am pretty sure I am always getting my husband into the weirdest things and I am so thankful he is always up for them. I thought he looked like the cutest puppy dog with his face painted.

The cake was designed by a local cake artist Micah Rayborn!

The fact that no wine was spilled during any of this was pretty amazing.

Right across the street from this abandoned warehouse was an old abandoned building. It almost looked as if the house was on fire as the sun was setting and hitting it just right. I like that it almost looks like a home a couple of skeletons would actually live in as well.

It was pretty much the most gorgeous day, spent with the most amazing humans, there was so much laughter and awkwardness. It was really just quite splendid. Its also the first and probably the last time I ever wore red lipstick!


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