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Maker Collab with Katryn Seeburger

Katryn and I became friends online, through instagram. She followed along on my BlendingbyBetty journey and we kind of just hit it off. She one day asked me if I wanted to collaborate on her senior thesis. It's always fun to do a whole collection and her style drew me to her in the first place. I was excited to see what she would create and what I would follow up in creating for her.

Katryn is a fashion designer working with knit and blending it with technology and pattern. You can read more about her work here.

After she started creating and set up her designs to make, she sent me these sketches:

She also sent me a large box of the cotton/thread colors she would be working in. To say the least, the box was beyond exciting to open full of all the reclaimed denim, lime green cotton, dark and light blues. It was a dream come true color palette.

She pretty much gave me free range on the pieces I wanted to send her, just a bit of direction including;

"A lot of my collection focuses on various stitch techniques, and the idea of breaking down mathematical processes while creating art. I have some patterns that almost resemble a Mondrian type pattern and others that look more natural and free."

With that in mind, I started creating. Really she only asked I include 3-4 necklaces and I had free range from there. She also prefaced that some pieces would or wouldn't be used, understandably of course. So I wanted to send a few extra/add-on/just-in-case pieces. So here is what I created:

Here is the collaborated final pieces:


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