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Shooting Boudoir with Blackbird Creative

There are these magical moments in your life where you get to feel free and run through the woods in your underwear and have someone capture that moment like you see it in your brain. Thats exactly how I felt working with Jessica from Blackbird Creative when shooting a mini boudoir session in the fields of Rasberry Greene.

I was a little nervous to do a boudoir shoot, but who in their right mind wouldn't be? I had never met Jessica before this shoot and instantly felt comfortable with her. She had envisioned this floral, ethereal, woodsy all natural boudoir session and it is exactly what we got.

Running around the woods in the cutest bralette and panty set from Modcloth. An adorable brightly colored flower crown to match and just the assortment of wild flowers and butterflies that surrounded us.

It was truly a magical experience!!

Photography by Blackbird Creative

Make-Up by Lyndon

Hair By Anne Madaris

Both Lingerie Sets from Modcloth


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