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Shooting with Maria Newman Photography

My friend Maria needed a couple for a portrait project she is working on so of course I jumped on the chance to get photos from her, she is pure magic! She's taken wedding photos all over the world and every single photo you just feel so warm and cozy as if you've known the subject in it forever.

You can find Maria here.

She asked me to wear something flowy and I have been dying to use some of the clothes I pulled from my moms closet. So I used a dress she wore in high school back in the early 50s!

She had all the quirky things for us to do that were in her lesson plans, smell each other as if its the last time you were going to smell them. Say funny things into each others ears. Make them blush by saying what you would do to them. Talk about your goals. On the count of 1, 2, 3 why did you fall in love with each other and over and over.

It was so much fun, we pretty much just giggle the whole time.

I still can't get over my moms dress. Im going to find a photo of her wearing it one day!!

You can find Maria:





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