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HMH Bazaar & Boutique

I got the most amazing package in the mail from Shannon of HMH Boutique Bazaar! She makes the most amazing fanny packs a girl could ever dream of. For some odd reason I have always loved fanny packs, when they were cool to wear as a kid, when they were not cool to wear as a tween, when they definitely were not cool to wear as a teen/young adult and now when right now they are cool again.

I have all kinds, vintage leather, fringed, acid wash denim, regular denim, plaid, you name it I have probably collected over 20 something different types thrifting and buying on etsy.

So when Shannon asked me if I would want one, I instantly said yes yes yes! The interiors of each fanny pack has an adorable patterned fabric! They are just large enough to fit my iPhone 6 Plus, my passport, some money and any loose change. Perfect for traveling or for festival going!

I jazzed mine up with a few of my favorite pins, the Tough and Tender Black Heart from Cry Baby Girl Gang, the Dreamer Cloud and Moon from my shop BlendingbyBetty and the Fries Before Guys from ShopBando.

Here are a few of my favorites that are in her shop now:


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