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Wovvven Branding - Ontario, Canada

After branding Flock for Kelly of Spindle and Co. Annie-France of Wovvven came to me about rebranding her business as well. She used a generic w as her brand before working with me. I've followed Annie-France for sometime on instagram and we've connected over fiber and motherhood over the years. We have little ones around the same age so it felt so right to work together and bring her brand to the next level.

I love this little bit about Annie-France from her website. I feel like in motherhood we have all been there needing the break or getaway from everyday activities.

Here is a collage of where we started with her inspiration board. Including the mood and emotion we were trying to evoke from her brand.

Before her brand focused on the w, when I think the vvv was the most unique part of her business name and wanted to focus on that. Annie-France was a little apprehensive to step away from her signature w so I gave her options that included the w but also some that focused on the vvv. I think once she saw that vvv and how we spun it to fit her brand and encompass who she was a fiber artist she knew we could toss that w to the side!

Thank you cards and business cards.

You can see how we warped the VVV here.

I love all the touches of bright colors that are still sophisticated.

Here are some of the options from the first round I showed her. Getting to create unique fun brands for people truly makes me so happy! You can see how the original idea I created was the idea we went with! It just felt right!


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