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Trace Rising - Hattiesburg, MS

Chad Edmonson and his family decided a few years ago to come together and help revitalize an area of downtown Hattiesburg that has truly been forgotten. Over the last couple years he has taken on well over 40 new projects, updating homes, businesses, empty lots and more.

He came to me and asked me about branding his business. Most of his work runs up and down the area of the Longleaf Trace, a walking trail running through downtown hattiesburg.

"Trace Rising is a group of related real estate entities focused on revitalizing downtown Hattiesburg through improving the areas adjacent to the Longleaf Trace. We have acquired more than 40 parcels ranging from abandoned lots to vacant commercial buildings predominantly in the North Main Historic District. We seek to invest in underappreciated Hattiesburg areas to empower small businesses and residents and improve the quality of life for all of Hattiesburg."


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