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Main Street Sno - Hattiesburg, MS

Chad Edmonson is the owner and family man of Trace Rising, another brand I was so fortunate to work on. They have a lot of ties to Hattiesburg and have been using their love for our small town to turn dilapidated buildings and turning them into beautiful homes and businesses.

"Our family traces its background in Hattiesburg for well over a century, and we aspire to help create the conditions where our children, Jack and Mary Catherine, might choose to continue that tradition."

They have acquired more than 50 parcels ranging from abandoned lots to vacant commercial buildings predominantly in the North Main Historic District in Hattiesburg. They invest in underappreciated Hattiesburg areas to empower small businesses and residents and improve the quality of life for all of Hattiesburg.

One of the lots they acquired, he knew he wanted to create a place where people could breathe life into biking, walking, running down the hattiesburg trace and be able to stop and get a refreshing drink for fun, so Main St. Sno was born...

A snoball stand that serves New Orleans style snoballs.

I think I pushed Chad completely out of his element with this one... I sent him funky design after funky design and he kept turning me down until he finally settled down on a classic style brand that has a very traditional New Orleans feel. The brand itself is fun and colorful and everything that exudes that kind of energy!

Now if I can talk him into letting me do a mural that would be amazing!


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