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Mountain Made Branding - Australia

Victoria is an Australian implant here in the United States. Her husband travels the world for work and they live in a cabin in the woods with their two sons. During their free time they love exploring the outdoors, camping, hiking and all the outdoor activities they can get in.

One of the things that became fun to them were finding natural shed antlers. Each spring, the deer, elk and moose "shed" their antlers to grow new larger antlers. This is one of the faster growing tissues in the world. Growing 3-4inches each day. Their antlers will reach their full potential by the fall.

In some cultures shed antlers are a representation of wisdom, courage and growth. Each year as they lose them they begin a new journey and chapter of their lives.

They eventually started a collection that grew so large it was too big for the home. Victoria knew she wanted a creative endeavor and started making jewelry out of the antlers, this is how Mountain Made was born.

She makes each piece from start to finish, selling her work on Etsy.


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