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Idyllic Picnic Branding - Hattiesburg, MS

Idyllic Picnic is a rental service started by Jennifer Devereaux, an insanely talented concert, music and event photographer. She has had her work published in major label magazines and all over the internet, photographing some of the most famous bands and solo acts out there. View her photography here.

Idyllic Picnic started out from her and her husband just ordering takeout from their favorite local restaurants and eating it in various places outdoors, which eventually blossomed into what you see before you.

After planning several of our dates around picnicking, I began thinking, "how could I make this experience better?" Once I solved that problem, I knew I had to take it to the masses and Idyllic Picnic was born.

​She started brainstorming and used some generic logo creator to create exactly what she got, a very generic boring logo that did not at all encompass this beautiful experience she was selling.

Her photos created this almost bohemian excursion, something that kind of takes you away from the hustle and bustle of everything pandemic that is happening. Allowing you to still get your favorite take out food but not having to eat it in your car or even your home. It allows you to step out of the mundane activities that happen in a pandemic and creates an experience like nothing else, almost like a mini retreat.

I wanted to share this adventure with everyone who didn’t have the time to plan a picnic for themselves, whether it be a romantic evening with your significant other, a fun brunch date with friends or even a new way to have lunch with your co-workers.

I created a brand that felt whimsical and romantic but had a bit of fun connected to it. I wanted you to feel like you could be sitting right there, apart of the brand itself to match the aesthetic Jennifer created with her business.

I created little bits and pieces to the story and then added them all together.

Using the pattern in the blanket to cross over in the brand as a pattern overall. You can see the branding being broken down and in the whole. To me it just really encompasses everything a mini retreat would need to get you out of your house and surrounded by your favorite person or people sharing some of your favorite much needed food. Supporting your local restaurants and still getting that intimate experience.

Creating little Thank you cards to leave on the table.

To go bags in case there are leftovers to take home.

Coffee to go, utilizing the pattern from the blanket to wrap the cup.

Such a fun brand to work on. Here are a few of the designs I created and hand lettered that were not chosen:


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