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Hearts and Wicker, a passion

A passion project started of mine a little after my sister and her family were tragically taken from us. I kept seeing hearts everywhere and it just was one of those things where I took it as a sign they were checking in with me here on this earth. I picked up little hearts everywhere, in nature, in shadows and especially out in the wild of thrifting/antiquing.

I started picking up wicker hearts when I found one at our local goodwill. I figured if I could weave on mirrors, why couldn't I take that approach to smaller pieces like hearts! Then I started researching wicker style hearts that came in all forms, small chairs, wall art, baskets, etc. It just kind of took off from there. So for over a year I just used all kinds of hand spun art yarns and roving I've picked up from so many talented fiber artists.

I didn't really have intent with anything I was making so I just kept going and well a whole heart collection developed not intentionally at all.


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