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Dreamy Elopement at Red Bluff, Mississippi

Whenever I get to work with the talented duo of April and Paul it is always something magical. They commissioned me to create this extra large #bettyweave backdrop for an elopement series they did at Red Bluff in Foxworth, MS. Every time I look at any photo April and Paul have ever taken I feel the love and warmth they put into capturing every emotion and little detail of the wedding or event. They truly inspire me always and push my creativeness beyond belief.

April is the type of person that has all these amazing beautiful ideas and will text me with them and I don't think there is ever a time that I haven't jumped into the adventure with her. Whenever I get a text from April I know it is going to be interesting but exciting.

If you are interested in your own custom Wedding Backdrop you can purchase one here.

They teamed up with Olivia Miley Events to create this one of a kind setting, full of every tiny detail. I felt completely honored to be apart of this beautiful day.

This gorgeous dress is by Lea-Ann Belter. The finest details in the dress made this whole experience come to life.


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