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Star Wars Space Themed Nursery and Bed Room

Before Kett was born and we moved into our first forever home we knew we wanted to create a space he could grow into and really cherish from birth into toddlerhood into childhood. It was important for me to have a space that he could truly grow into and would spark imagination.

My husband is a huge Star Wars fan, as well I am, but he is like ultimate fan. I am pretty sure we just ended up moving half of his office into Kett's room because there was so much Star Wars related things. I knew I wanted something a little more broad in range and so we settled on a Space and Star Wars themed room. Which makes me so happy because I love a good space them anything!

We started off with a lot of the pieces from small shops that I completely support on all accounts. They are a group of ladies that really are amazing.

The Moon Star and Cloud wrapped lights are all from Urban Outfitters. Top left hand painted moon is from Kate Jerry, Love You to the Moon and Back is by Lily and Val, the small before I held you print and the crescent moon pendant is from Baby Jives Co., Moon Phases by Hello Lovely People and the Moon embroidery is by Ruthie Covert Art.

This area makes me so happy. I know these are pieces that won't completely grow with him as he gets older as they really are made as more nursery pieces so this little nook is my nod to him being so young, I think when I take this down and he wants some poster up I will be so torn and sad.

The changing table in his room is actually something my mom found on the side of the road 40 years ago and took home with her. She used it for all four of her children and when my sister got pregnant she passed it down to my sister and she was able to use it for all three of her children. Then when I got pregnant she passed it down to me and I will be able to use it for mine. It used to be a kind of robin egg blue so we took it apart and painted it white and added a changing area to the top of it to kind of freshen it up! It had a lot of wear and tear after 40 years and seven children. My mom was so impressed with it after we finished putting it together.

The only piece of furniture we ended up purchasing for his room was the double rocker. It came from Target. My husband really loved the idea of getting the double rocker so our dog could actually sit with me when I held Kett or we could sit together, etc. In reality I rarely ever used it or even use it so it will for sure be the first thing that goes when we upgrade him to a bigger bed. I love the Star Wars quilt we got from Target that covers it. It really brings in the fun pop of colors I wanted when we started his room. I knew I wanted a lot of neutrals with pops of fun colorful things! We try to stick to a Montessori style room.

A big part of my life is making and creating and being surrounded by other artists and creators so his room is full of all these magical DIY touches or handmade, hand drawn, digitally painted pieces from friends from all over. The three digital prints above the rocker are from Way Off Designs, which we have purchased more to hang up as well! These are actually made by my husbands best friend Warren! I got the life size R2D2 from a display when I worked at Best Buy!

The DIY yarn mobile was made from styrofoam balls wrapped in yarn using a photo mobile to hang it from! Seriously its one of my most favorite pieces in his room and the navy blue star pattern black out curtains behind it really really bring it to life, I got those from Amazon!

The bookshelf in his room came actually out of my office and used to house all of my yarn. When we moved into this home and I saw this funky shaped room I knew it had to go in here and be used for everything fun in that little nook and dormer window! All the bins store extra books and toys that we don't necessarily use all the time. It is fun for us to put toys away every day and makes it easier to just have things to throw things into. The top of the shelving has books and start wars related things, action figures from when my husband was a little boy. Of course a Star Wars box of Kleenex. More DIY yarn tie fighters, originally I wanted to hang from the ceiling but I love how they looked propped up. The IV we found randomly at a local salvage store and it was so perfect because Kett is a IV!

My favorite part of his room is the dormer window with a built in storage bench. Its definitely one of Ledger's favorite spots in the house and they both love sitting in it looking out so much! Same Black out star curtains I got from Amazon, a ton of pillows to toss around and get comfortable with. A fun Death Star lamp in the center and some hand made stars made from little white pom moms threaded onto fishing line!

Right next to his dormer window I created a reading nook. I really love how the roof angles in his room and I knew it would be such a perfect space for his from facing book shelves that we change out regularly. We have an old papasan chair that didn't really fit anywhere in the house so I used the cushion from that to put on the floor and stuffed it full of pillows from Betty's Home Place, Pottery barn Kids and LL Bean. He loves laying in this area reading and tearing down books. Its a fun spot to decorate with books for the holidays and to lay around on. I knew he needed a comfy space if I wanted him to be an avid book reader like I was as a child. How could you not want to read in this space?

The dresser was my brothers dresser before he moved off to Spain. He ended up putting all his stuff into storage and then stayed way longer than expected so we took it and put it in our home. I brought the curtains to Lowes and got the closes paint color I could get to match and paint it. Then ordered some funky new drawer handles to match the rest of his colorful room and add just that bit of pop I wanted.

The large star above his dresser I am pretty sure was a christmas decoration from Target but doesn't it look like it was made for his room? Of course more science and space related books to stack, I got the science set as a gift from Traci Stover at his baby shower and we love them! A planet toy we got from Fat Brain Toys and another DIY yarn Tie fighter. The Death Star is actually a popcorn maker Franks sister purchased for Kett and we just loved it so much we put it in his room as decoration!!

One of my favorite handmade pieces is from Cassie of Hull Heart who wove the most gorgeous weaves to match his room! Surrounding it are lights and hooks for all his hats and accessories.

Okay so by far my favorite part of his room is his bed and what surrounds it. Not only was I so happy to make him something with my own hands but to step out of my comfort zone and make something no one else has ever done. I feel fortunate to make something so unique that hopefully he cherishes forever.

I hoped to make him a special gift from me that he could have and cherish forever - something that would grow with him long after the nursery days come to pass. I envision him playing pretend with his favorite space ship, flying them past this planetary wonder on his next trip to the moon, just allowing his imagination take over! Science has been a huge part of my life. And my number one goal in creating this was to encapsulate a space full of wonder where he can ask questions and learn through play.

You can purchase a custom listing on my Etsy here!

The cute Star Wars pillows are from Pottery Barn Kids. The Boppy Pillow is actually something my sister gave to me when she found out we were having a boy and a Star Wars themed room. She had the cover made. So it is definitely something I will cherish forever. The wooden toy train is something my mom had made by a friend for my younger brother 30 years ago. Another piece we will treasure forever.

One of my favorite pieces is the ceramic planets wall piece by Laura of Line and Dot. Truly one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen. The Moon Wall piece is also from Target with his personal spaceship made from Banner Toys. I think it just creates that extra bit of imagination I always envisioned for him.

I've had a lot of fun planning his room and upgrading it to a more toddler friendly area. I really wanted to keep that sense of wonder at the forefront! I hope you love this as much as I loved putting it together. I also hope you check out some of the small businesses I have included in his room for yourself! Most of these makers are moms themselves and this is their life and business!




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