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Sunsets with Fiber

Fiber Selections

Sometimes when the time is right I get this really amazing custom order where someone sends me their color inspiration and where they are putting it, then trust me with the creative process of making something they will love and I will also love.

That was one of those moments here.

Erin asked me to create this sunset inspired triptych wall decor for above her bed. She sent me some inspiration photos you can see at the end of the post and just let me know from there.

I bought so many art yarn skeins from Designs By Amber, who creates literally the most beautiful art yarn I have EVER seen. You can view her site here. I also used some fibers I got from Ashley of Loom Denim from a FibreShare package from her! Then the two main thick merino yarns I used came from Roving Textiles which are so lush and fun to work with.

Leaf Me Alone Mug from Honey and the Hive.

Inspiration photos sent to me:


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