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Woven Wedding Backdrops

I realize as I begin writing this post I wanted to mention my own Boho Dream wedding but I have never blogged about it, it is a good thing our five year anniversary is in a couple weeks so I'll take that as the opportunity to do so.

In the mean time, I will let you know how much I dreamed of a this small boho style wedding when I first started planning for ours I had all these things I envisioned for myself. With that and and some details later I had to make due and it really was the most magical weekend of my life.

When I first started creating and making under the name Blending by Betty, I started out with doily dreamcatchers then added my unique touch and started to embroider on them and then before weaving became a real thing I started weaving in the round. So my business has really grown in the last 6 years from the tiniest of crocheted dreamers to now these extra large what I call BettyWeaves and this one is by far the largest one I have created thus far.

April from April and Paul Photography here in Hattiesburg told me they had an elopement series they wanted and her and I brainstormed ideas we worked with an events coordinator and a local flower shop and everything literally came together in like a weeks span. Which let me tell you creating something this large in one week is really no joke. I don't think I slept at all that week.

But the outcome and pushing myself I could not be more proud of what I was able to accomplish. Made from mostly Raw Alpaca Wool from the local Alpaca Farm here in Stringer MS. Roving from The Unusual Pear, Rope and Cotton from Niroma Studios, and a few bits from here and there I created this extra large Wedding Backdrop of my dreams!

She is currently for sale in my Etsy right now, you can purchase here and hanging up in my studio! Covering up two large french doors, so I am definitely eager to sell her but also eager to make more!

All photography by April and Paul.


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