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Weaving with Honey

One of my favorite pieces I've created in the last few months was actually commissioned by my extremely talented friend Kelsey of Honey and the Hive. She and I met online almost 5 years ago, which is hard to believe it has been five years. We were so lucky enough to meet up in Chicago and spend time together for a few days with Stephanie of Hello.Halsted and ever since we all three have been pretty inseparable.

Kelsey asked me to include wrapped crystals into her piece and all the magical colors. I feel fortunate to have friends who push me creatively and I couldn't be more thankful for that and for her of course.

Her palette inspiration came from her rug and her backboard. She wanted to focus on the lighter whites and greys and pops of pinks to bring out the less noticeable colors.

It has really been fun to grow our businesses together. Our businesses have nothing to do with each other and yet we find ways to collaborate and support each other all of the time. I tell people that is the number one way to grow your instagram growth and your business, finding people who have the same believe in yourself attitude and support each other to make it happen.

Her piece even inspired me to create a rainbow version.


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