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Plant Inspired Betty Weaves

I've always been attracted to plants, been an outdoorsy type girl, always playing with the bugs and things found in nature. I would climb trees for hours and hours when I was younger. So when we purchased our home, having a yard was one of our main wants. Although I knew I wanted a practical urban jungle inside my home.

I brought over the few plants we had at our old place and started collecting new ones as the time went. I told people instead of gifts to bring plants, didn't matter what they were and they did. I got some beautiful planters from Nox Owl Clayworks, it felt like it was all coming together.

I felt like I was getting into a rut with creating, not finding the time or the energy to create something I wanted to. Usually my work consists of custom creations. So for these two I took to my plants and went from there. I got some of the most gorgeous green wool from South Main Creative when we were in Little Rock. I've collected beautiful greens from a few different Etsy shops online. I knew I needed to create something alive!

Here are my two green pieces I took from nature and a tiny glimpse into my home.


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