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Hull Heart Branding - Panguitch, Utah

Cassie Hull is a small business owner, artist and mom. Somehow she balances it all and always has the biggest smile on her face. She came to me with so many questions on rebranding her business, previously Wild Plum Co. She never felt she connected with the brand name or what it stood for. She used to blog under the name Hull Heart [as a play on whole heart].

She knew that she wanted a whole new brand with the name change. Something that stood out as an artist but also didn't compete with her work. After setting up a Pinterest board and going over what kind of things really represented her and her business I knew we needed to go with the hand lettered brush style.

We went over color schemes. She knew she wanted to use a black and white feel as seen above, but she also wanted to introduce color. Her work is full of colorful hand dyed yarns and fibers, large and dreamy pieces. When you go to her page, magentas and pinks are the first thing that catches your eye and thats the exact direction we wanted to go in, but in the most sophisticated way.

So after a couple days of lettering and figuring out the best loops and curves for each letter we finally perfected the logo with a touch of a tiny little heart to bring it all together.

As far as colors, Cassie was really drawn to this artists piece by William Engel.


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