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Take Me Back - An Experience Branding - Murrieta, California

Jamie is the ultimate entrepreneur. Working with her is always so much fun. She truly has the most interesting businesses and Take Me Back is no exception.

A nostalgic outdoor experience for the Modern Camper, Boho Heart, or Urban Soul. Pitch up under the stars, or meet in a field of wildflowers! Vibe out and,“Take me back”When the conversations flowed deeper, laughter was a little sweeter, and we lived for the moments that you can’t put into words.

She creates fun, outdoor experiences for those wanting to disconnect and enjoy the simple things in life - togetherness, great ambiance and have meaningful conversations! She wants to create that feeling of “I don’t want this night to end” kinda moment. Moments that leave lasting impressions on the soul. 

She offers bell tent(s), cozy seating, floor dining, intimate lighting, full entertainment packages- for anyone wanting a "night to remember."

I worked with Jamie to create a brand that encompasses all of those feelings. Something you can truly relate to and want to experience for yourself.


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