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Raw Republic - New Orleans, LA and Austin, TX

Raw Republic is a 100% organic wellness boutique on Magazine Street in New Orleans, Louisiana–the first of its kind in a notoriously indulgent city. Their mission is to make health and wellness more accessible to the masses by introducing them to cold pressed juices, natural alternatives to medication, organic cosmetics, and healthy lifestyle products.

While I worked for RapJab, the client came to us requesting what they called an "organic modern" visual style. In order to achieve this, we began by defining Raw Republic's logo mark as the astronomical symbol for Earth. The mark stands for balance, focus, and symbolizes a holistic, organic approach to life. It's made unique by the distinguishing hand drawn lines that form the symbol. The handmade look of the symbol represents the organization’s approachable nature and celebration of our imperfections as a positive, unifying characteristic in all of us. As a finishing touch, the font choice for the word raw reflects the organic portion of the “organic modern” aspect of the brand while the font for republic represents the modern.

I was able to create the fun unique handmade brand mark for Raw Republic.

When creating packaging for a health conscious product, information is important. We designed a minimal label that displayed information in a fun way that stayed true to the brand. The transparency of the label itself let the beauty and bright colors of the raw ingredients stay the star of the show.

The art direction for Raw Republic's photography was simple: clean, fresh, crisp, organic, and modern. The final product is representative of the purity of the ingredients and inspires a "no nonsense" approach to healthy living.


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