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October Advent, Fall Fun Activities

October is my favorite month of the year, there is no doubt about that. The weather starts getting cooler (kind of) the colors in the leaves start to change (barely) even though those things don't happen exactly here in the south we still act like it.

I love a good Christmas advent but last year I started an October one! They're fun and festive, I try to gather all the local things to do and on the days they go on and match it up to the days of the month. This includes going to our local pumpkin patch, mum shopping, holiday decorating, pumpkin carving, corn maze, halloween parade, zoo boo, the list goes on. So I created a fun little interactive print out so you can join in too!

If you want to download this PDF, do so here!! Hang it on your fridge and have a fun time checking things off!

I'll share a few of the details of how I go about it. In the mean time you can download these jpgs to share on your instagram stories as you go about doing it! Feel free to save the jpgs to your phone.

I break down the October fun by movies, activities outside, activities inside and crafts.

Movies is pretty straight forward, watch our favorite family friendly holiday movies and check it off as you go!

Activities outside are great ways to get out of the house and enjoy the weather and colors changing in October. Have a picnic in a park, go get a yummy fall flavored icre cream, visit your local park and go for a swing, point out all the colors in the trees. We don't have a close apple picking place here but we do have a persimmons picking place! Get outside and start a fire to make some s'mores, go on a leaf walk and collect a bunch of different color leaves, with all kinds of textures! You will need these for craft time later anyway.

Activities inside are great ways to do things when the weather isn't so great or maybe someone has a little cold and shouldn't be outdoors. A lot of those things include booking and baking of course, I say make the mess with the little ones, they'll enjoy it so much! We love holiday themed bath bombs from Lush, I add them into our advent so they get them on different days. We love a good pizza night, and Papa Johns doesn't disappoint with a pumpkin shaped pizza! Monster Mash one night and turn up the jams, our favorite halloween themed playlist you can find here on Spotify. It's not the typical jams you would normally find they really are fun to dance and mash to! A family pajama party always goes over fun here usually we combine that night into making a fun halloween themed cheese/snack board.

For the last one crafts, I go to the dollar store and pick up halloween themed coloring books and sticker activity books, the target dollar spot also has fun activities, this year they have tubed bubbles with skulls and pumpkins on the wand. They also had some cute socks we picked up for Kett. I try to keep things on the lowest budget. I did pick up some cardboard pumpkins from target and some wood flat pumpkins from michaels to paint. I feel like a good paint time is fun for all of us. Leaf rubbings I use crayons and paper over the leaves you gathered from your walk. It's fun to see the textures of the leaves. You can even go as far as cutting them out and making a garland.

I hope you have a lot of fun doing some fall themed activities this month! Tag me in them on instagram and I'll share some of my favorites!


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