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Monica Bee Photography - Lincoln, Nebraska

Monica is tiny, standing at only 5'2" but a full force when it comes to color and passion. She is someone who sees the good in every individual. She is a travel nanny and uses her passion in photography to book and create timeless photos all over the world.

She started her photography journey, simply for her love for capturing a moment. You can tell she is very nostalgic and captures the smallest beautiful detail. Her shoots, to me, almost read like a story.

When Monica came to me to rebrand we knew we needed something hand drawn, similar to handwriting, focusing on family and children which are her main clients. Something that falls in the same timeless approach as her photography.

I took the opportunity to illustrate Monica just fro fun! She is vivacious and illustrating her just felt completely right.

Some of the designs that did not make the cut:


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