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Hand Painted Rocking Chairs - Laurel, MS

Keri Rowell, owner of Lott Furniture in Laurel, MS, Home to HOME TOWN the television series asked me if I would come out and paint some of their handmade rocking chairs in front of the store during Crawfest.

I of course agree to do something I have never done before because, why not? I thought it would be a fun experience and it truly was. The first thing I did was start researching painted chairs and I truly didn't find something I fell in love with. My feed on all socials have been full of quilting and I mean quilted jackets, dresses, table clothes, you name it and so I wanted to do a painted quilt on a rocking chair.

Something I imagine would be like a warm embrace on the front porch sipping your coffee. So here is my inspiration collage on how I wanted it painted, the color swatches I chose from Home Depot and a quick little ipad sketch to get me going.

I first primed the chair and then laid out the "squares" of the chair. I was able to finish the first one at home and then I did the second one at the festival.

Here are some process shots and the final photos at the end! Now I am ready to paint some more chairs! Yeyy!


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