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Dreamkeepers, LLC Branding - Helena, Montana

Dreamkeepers, LLC is a brand that conveys a dreamy, feminine and slightly esoteric tone. Dreamkeepers is owned and operated by Simarron Schildt, she not only has four kids, a set of twins in there but she also runs her own business from home, creating dreamcatchers, affirmation products and lapel pins.

What drew me to Simarron was her ability in harnessing dreams and putting them into reality through work in the energetic realm, using intention to create/change your life, connecting to the moon cycles and using affirmations to help bring health, healing and prosperity. We are working on a set of affirmation cards for her to sell in her shop.

She was trained in energy healing for 4 years and wants that to be shown in her message and products. She is passionate about inspiring others, inspired greatly by the message of dreamcatchers and also the natural world, particularly the moon.

Getting to know Simarron over the last few months has truly been the best experience. I took everything I learned from her and about her to create a brand that is magical, feminine and dreamy, which were key words that constantly got brought up in conversation.

A piece of her work that the inspiration came from for her branding:

Here are some of the artworks that I created that were not chosen:


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