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Baurhaus Designs Branding - Austin, TX

Baurhaus Designs is an online Interior Design service, started by my lovely friend Katie Rapp focusing on designer curated rooms without the designer price tags based in Austin, TX.

After 20 years of experience in home renovations and new builds, Baurhaus Studio was born. Our mission is simple. We believe well designed homes lead to happier lives and strive to make quality spaces that are affordable for any budget.

Katie and I go back almost ten years when we worked on her business Sullybrate together. We bonded over having bulldogs together and just how unique and funny they are. We instantly hit it off years ago. Although Katie and I have never met our love for our bullies stayed strong, so when she came to me to brand her new Baurhaus I jumped on the chance to work with her.

Baurhaus is named after her maiden name which is Baur and her love for the bauhaus movement. With that we wanted a simple yet elegant mark for her that mimics the bauhaus movement but kept it unique to her, really utilizing the r from Baur.

The Bauhaus style tends to feature simple geometric shapes like rectangles and spheres, without elaborate decorations. Buildings, furniture, and fonts often feature rounded corners and sometimes rounded walls. Other buildings are characterized by rectangular features, for example protruding balconies with flat, chunky railings facing the street, and long banks of windows. Furniture often uses chrome metal pipes that curve at corners.

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