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An Unbearable Ennui, A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, Art Directing with Photographer Steph G. Bishop

Stephanie came to me with this idea and asked me if I would help art direct her vision of this photoshoot. She just rebranded from Starling and Sage to Steph G. Bishop and wanted the initial photoshoot of her rebrand to encompass everything her name stands for and what her vision will be for what's to come with everything in a new name!

When Stephanie came to me with her idea we bounced a lot of great ones between each other! She found this amazing antique shop, all the gorgeous antiques, including the wall as the backdrop (which are really a set of doors), were loaned from the European Antique Auction Gallery (wholesaler of antiques to most of the Southeast region). She wanted this idea of peasant and princess, a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or excitement from both parties. They both saw each other as happier than the other but as every one knows life is not always greener on the other side.

So we wanted to evoke that emotion from both models. To make them feel those emotions of both of them wanting the other life.

My job was to create the environment, set the mood, make them feel those emotions... write the story. It started with the antique shop, in collaboration with Stephanie, picking out the large pieces, then whittled its way down to the smallest details of glasses, fruits, a bread bowl we borrowed from my friend Traci Stover that she has had in her family for over a hundred years, candlesticks, flowers, etc. A lot of the details came from my own home, because let's be real, French countryside is where my heart is and my dreams are.

Once we got the velvet curtains and the colors for the photoshoot, I started sketching ideas, poses, scenes, still life, incorporating the girls and their stories all using the pieces we gathered from the antique shop and the little things they would be holding or using for prop. Stephanie really wanted this French Renaissance feeling, as if each picture could be a painting so we wanted to get it right, each tiny detail perfected as if they were going to sit there for hours being painted. Inspired by stories like The Other Boleyn Girl.

These are the amazing ladies who worked very hard to bring this all together:

Photography by Steph G. Bishop (link directly to her photos of this shoot)

Art Directing by Bridget Prater

Hair by Allie @blushsalondowntown

Make-Up by Robin @robinmalone

Model Blair Buys

Please enjoy the art of photography by Steph:

Behind the scenes video of everyone who came together on this project.

Sketches with pieces, inspiration and colors.

Behind the scenes of fixing and moving things around with Steph.

Antiquing and finding all the beautiful pieces.


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