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Hippie-Ki-Yay Boutique

Laura came to me with an online boutique she had been running pretty successfully for over a year. She had no branding and no idea that it would be as successful as it became.

So we sat down and talked about her shop, I got to know her a bit more and what her plans were. She wanted the online business to become a store front and so we went from there. She loved the idea of using the tagline "A little bit country and a little bit rock and roll" She felt like that was where her heart was.

I created a mood board and it encompassed everything a bit country and a bit rock and roll would. She loved the hippie 70s vibe and I of course agreed it was the best of both worlds.

So I worked with the daisy being the main focus of the piece on a cut off tied up shirt. I loved the idea that it could actually translate to an actual shirt!

These were logos that were made in the process of and didn't make the cut. I think number two in this line up would have definitely been my favorite.


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