Anchorage, Alaska

This will be a long post full of beautiful photos, because there was really no bad photos taken around Anchorage, Alaska.

We flew into Anchorage from New Orleans on Friday, June 16, took a taxi to the infamous Captain Hook Hotel where we had a gorgeous room overlooking the water. We got in pretty late and after that long of flight we decided to take a short nap and run to get dinner. We decided on the Glacier Brewhouse for dinner. It was only a short walk and had some really amazing reviews, which did not disappoint. We also had the most amazing waitress, I am pretty sure we became best friends instantly. After dinner we decided to walk around downtown for a bit. The thing about Anchorage in June is that the sun really never sets. So it was still practically daylight at midnight, which felt strange because downtown was practically a ghost town.

We came to Anchorage for my husbands work conference, I tagged along but we had the weekend together before he had to get to work. So we woke up early saturday morning walked over to the Snow City Cafe to get breakfast before heading to the Anchorage Farmers Market and the Summer Solstice Festival. I mean how lucky were we that we were in Anchorage for the longest day of the year!! It was truly amazing and really just the best time to be there. We hung around town all day and as more of Franks work associates rolled in we ended up meeting them for dinner at Humpy's and then out for drinks at the F Street Station.

We didn't get in until 1/2am probably, which being like 17 weeks pregnant was not the most fun thing in the world, I was so tired and ready for Sunday to begin.

Sunday I planned the whole day to travel down AK-1, we were able to stop at the Turnagain Arm to look for whales, stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Hike a Glacier and take the Portage Glacier day Cruise. We were slightly delayed in the morning, so after breakfast Frank and I got to walk along the water for a bit, which later we ended up renting bikes and riding the trails.

On Monday, we got breakfast and were headed to hike a mountain! So we woke up got breakfast at the Red Chair Cafe and realized kind of the laid back atmosphere Anchorage has. Both mornings service was really slow so be prepared for when you visit and plan accordingly! We almost didn't make our bus to hike flattop mountain!

We met up with one of Franks work friends, Jeff, got on the bus and were off to Flattop Mountain. They said we had 5 hours to get up there, take pictures and get down, so plan accordingly or they are leaving us behind! So we knew we had to book it. They warned us it was NOT an easy climb and that out of the group of 20 maybe only 5 of us would make it to the top. Thankfully we were on the mission to get to the top and down in time to get back on the bus, and we did! Not only that but I was able to actually announce to the world I was pregnant from the top of a mountain, literally.