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The Candle Creative Branding - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Candle Creative started as a side project from Candelles Co. I have worked with Kelley over the last few years building up their brands, creating unique icons for their candles and playing around with ideas on packaging.

Kelley is such a wonderful boss lady to work with. When she has an idea and she wants something, she does it. When she does it, she brings every boss lady she can think of along with her.

The Candle Creative project came from an idea she had with working with other creatives and giving them the possibility to build up their own portfolios and stock.

Kelley came to me with the idea and I completely fell in love. She asked me to create the logo and all the icons for the idea she had.

I knew not only did I want to create the logo but I wanted to be apart of the experience. Already my designs are all over her candles, but none so specific to my own brand. That will come soon.

So here is The Candle Creative and all the unique icons I have designed for it.

Follow along with their instagram and visit their website if you would like to be involved in the next round of candles, I know that I will be participating!


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