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Barcelona - Museu Picasso and Beaches

It was our last day in Spain yesterday, we were in Barcelona. We woke up from our Airbnb, packed our bags and dropped them off at a local locker place and went to explore the city before we had to leave. We first went tot he Museu Picasso, which houses the largest amount of Picasso paintings and a wing inspired by Picasso and a wing dedicated to the life of Picasso. They don't allow pictures but it was an experience I will never forget. It starts with paintings from when we was 13 and moves on from there.

The two portraits of his parents, Science and Charity, The First Communion are paintings I've read about in books for years. But my all time favorite Picasso The Wait took my breathe away. There is a whole room dedicated to his study of Las Meninas! I didn't even know all of those existed!! It was an experience I will never forget.

We walked around the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and got Chocolate and Churros from a cute little coffee shop. I went to the most amazing yarn shop All You Knit is Love.

We then headed out to the beaches of Barcelona to check them out!

It was a pretty lazy touristy day. We didn't want to put too much on our plates when we had a flight to catch back to Madrid to stay the night with my brother and then head out back to the states so early in the morning. We decided to get dinner at the cutest little place called Viana to end our vacation frenzy!


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