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Branding with Sweet & Sauer

After Laurensfellowship with FoodCorps ended, she made Jackson, Mississippi, home and focused full-time on her fermented-food side business. From her space in the city’s start-up incubator, The Hatch, Rhoades packs jars with batches of her colorful kimchi, which mingles crunchy daikon radish and napa cabbage with fresh ginger, garlic, and red chile pepper flakes.

They are a Jackson-based fermented foods company, offering artisan, fermented foods + beverages, teeming with probiotics and enzymes. To highlight the variety of seasonal flavors in Mississippi, they source most of their ingredients from local and organic growers.

They want to make their branding a little more directly related to farms and incorporate a tagline they've written called 'Farm to Ferments.' The 'Natural Goods' stuff in there is really just things we made up for symmetry. To connect it to farms, they want to see a sort of woodblock print-style illustration of Lauren's farm truck (in which they sent an image).

Here is what I finished up and was chosen in the end for their logo:

While I worked on the newer version of the logo they also asked me if I had any extra time to play around with another idea, it wasn't chosen but I really enjoyed the folky feel of it and the funky layout.

Im officially off the clock and have to pack up and get ready to leave! Travel blogs coming soon!


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