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Branding with Daisy Mae

After visit with my Aunt in Greenville, TX, I drove down to Austin to spend some time with friends, get tattooed and drink a few beers at all the hip bars in town.

As soon as I got back to my little town of Hattiesburg, MS, I sat down and thought how can I get my name and graphic design services out there? So I started with friends!! How lucky was I that Daisy from Daisy Mae Jewellery and My Green Cow wanted to rebrand her Jewellery Store. Yes, we in America spell it Jewelry, but Daisy is based in the United Kingdom and spells it Jewellery.

She already had a concept that she had in mind. She knew she wanted daisies, and a hand drawn effect and feel to the whole thing. She sent me a sweet image and I instantly fell in love with her idea.

Sometimes as a graphic designer its hard to really see other peoples visions. Usually the steps we go through are a small questionnaire asking a little bit about you and your business. Then, we set up a Pinterest board where we both pin ideas back and forth on where you see your brand going. Then we narrow down the ideas and I create a few different options.

Daisy's was a pretty straight forward approach and right up my hand drawn loving alley. So we skipped all the preliminary work and went straight in. I created two designs and mimicked her drawing she sent over, just cleaning it up a bit.

Daisy chose option one, which happened to be my favorite options as well. I feel like that never happens in decision making. Everyone has their own opinions in what they see fit for them. We had a lot of fun introducing colors into the mix. We stuck with pastel yellows and greens. I created a few secondary logos to use throughout her social media, hand tags and anywhere else she saw fit!

So here I am introducing you to Daisy's new logo:

You can visit her on the Web, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Instagram!


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