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A boy and his camera

I had to take some photos for a promo. Ultimately I felt weird even taking them and had to do it pretty quickly while the kids were running around. So I set my camera up and put the self timer on and let it go. I only had a small window of time before I knew I was going to be called back to mom. So I figured if I could just get one good photo I'd be good to go.

Well leave it to your child to make everything so much more fun and hilarious. Right when I sent up the camera next to the window, Kett came in and saw what I was doing. About five seconds later he popped in with his own little wood camera and decided he too needed some portraits done.

Kids pay attention to everything, is the truest statement ever. I was going for one moody emotional photo and instantly he changed the mood for the better. It's funny how kids can do that and how I'll cherish these little photos forever.

So here is a story about a boy and his camera:


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