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Mitchell Farms 2019

Mitchell Farms has been our yearly tradition way before we introduced kids to the world. We have been going every year for the last 10 years and every year we are amazed in how much it grows. Last year was our first time taking Kett (you can see it here) and he wasn't even walking at the time, now he's running full speed impossible to keep up with. So to say our experience was completely different this time, pretty much viewing it from the eyes of our 22 month old.

It was fun this year because Kett is so obsessed with anything that has wheels, buses, tractors, all construction vehicles, pretty much anything that goes. Mitchell Farms did not disappoint with the tractors and trains. Instantly as soon as I let him loose and out of the stroller it was a straight shot to the first tractor he saw.

And of course as soon as he was done with that one it was onto the next one. But this one was pulling the wagon ride. They had just dropped off all the people riding and the driver let Frank and Kett climb on in! It was like love at first sight, he saw it, the driver saw him and stopped and Ket just took off running it was so sweet.

We then literally pulled Kett to the other side so we could enjoy some of the amenities that Mitchell Farms has to offer, blobs in the ground, slides everywhere, corn cob pools, tire stacks to climb, a mining area and haystacks to climb, flower gardens, the list never ends really.

They also have the largest pumpkin patch in the area and one is included with every person.

Skirt from ModCloth

Sweater and Top from H&M

Ketts outfit from H&M


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