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Louisiana Children Museum

We've been spending time back and forth between Hattiesburg, New Orleans and Huntsville but New Orleans will forever be our favorite. My parents live there and its always so fun driving down to spend time with them even if it is just for a quick dinner. This time we spent a couple days and one of those days we spent at the Louisiana Children's Museum.

Its brand new, just opened up in August. We grew up going to the original Children's Museum on Julia Street and let me tell you about the fond memories we all have from that one! So I couldn't wait to get Kett to the new one. The amount of things they have for kids of all ages to do is unreal. We didn't even get a chance to do anything outside of the museum, one because of the heat and two there was so much stuff to do inside we spent all day.

It was so much fun having Uncle Doug hang out with us too! He pretty much is the best Uncle on the planet.

After the Children's Museum we went down the road to the newly renovated Cafe Du Monde in City Park to get Beignets and Coffee.

I am fairly certain he enjoyed his first beignet.


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